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Reclaim, restore, repurpose! We are on the way!

We have a long way to go in our mission. Please help us by joining our board, strategic planning committee, or volunteer & donor lists.

The mission of the Atascadero Printery Foundation is to reclaim, restore, and repurpose the Atascadero Printery Building as a community-use, multi-purpose facility.

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Lois and Richard Ramont
Chuck Dunlap
Kathy Dunlap
Greg Ravatt
Brian Ellis & Liz Harris
Margaret Vandergon
Jan Wolff & Bob Martz
Tom Wand
Jean & Jeff Pedigo
Kevin Colton
Livia Kellerman
Give Fitness
Karen McNamara
Nicholas & Hayley Mattson
Kent Kenney*
Catherine Hillman*

* Donors who have made significant installments toward their Founder’s pledge.

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March 25, 2018

The Atascadero Printery Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was founded by community members who are dedicated to preserving and maintaining the Atascadero Printery Building for use by the community. Thank you for your interest in this worthy cause. If you would like to stay informed about the status of the Printery and the work of the Foundation, please subscribe to our mailing list and like our Facebook page.


On Monday morning, we stood around the desktop at The Hope Chest Emporium and watched our president Karen McNamara type our next bid and enter the password on the bidding site we were using for the San Luis Obispo County tax auction. Our first bid of $283,200 was...

Bidding for possession …

Good afternoon, and Happy Mother's Day from the Atascadero Printery Foundation. We regret to inform that we have competition for the Atascadero Printery Building. This only adds to the potential cost of ultimate restoration of he building. Unfortunately, the bidder is...

Closing in on the Auction.

We continue to be blessed by a generous community. We have received more than $10,000 in donations in the last seven days as we ramp up for our bid at the auction on May 12. Please support us by donating or pledging a donation in the event we win the auction. Thank...

Atascadero Printery Foundation

Board of Directors

Jenny Kim
Second Vice-President
Brett Hartt

Atascadero Printery Foundation Board Members



Barbie Butz • Victoria Hartt • Nicholas Mattson • Catherine Hillman • Kent Kenney

Anne Johnstone • Greg Ravatt • Jayne Sacks • Dusty DelMese • Amber Long